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 Chat Box Infos

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PostSubject: Chat Box Infos   Chat Box Infos Icon_minitimeWed 5 Dec - 1:54


Here you can add a Chatbox on your board and have a live discussion with the members of your board

To reset your messages, ban or unban a member, here are the commands of the Chatbox. These are to be typed in the "Message" block as if you were posting a message

Reset the messages in the ChatBox : /clear or /cls
- To Ban a member : /ban user
*User is to be replaced by the name of the member you want to ban.
**Once the user is banned, he won’t see the Chatbox anymore, as if he was a guest (the Chatbox is exclusively reserved to the members of your board).
- To Unban a member : /unban user
*User is to be replaced by the name of the user you want to unban.

advanced Commands
user command:
-/me is replaced by your username. Example: " /me eats a good pizza ", shows " * username eats a good pizza "
-/kick username Disconnect a member. /kick max will disconnect max of the chatbox, but does not prevent him (her) from returning.
-/exit reason: you disconnect yourself, and the reason will be shown to the connected people.
-/ abs reason: a message is shown on the chatbox which says that you are away and why.
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Chat Box Infos
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