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PostSubject: Anti-Flood   Anti-Flood Icon_minitimeSat 12 Jan - 14:02

Due to recent flooding, i once again remember that forum is NOT msn ! Please make a constructive post (more then on sentence) ! I dont need a long post, but keep it stick to the subject of the topic. So i'll erase ALL POSTS taht are not related to the topic ! (forum will just be like a big piece of junk if i dont do that) Because after all, we have to read 12000 posts a day, to see nothing more then just two people chatting !

So P3gasus, eneRgy, Zero, go easy on the flood !

There's a topic tonio created called the PUB that i will rename to " FREE FLOOD " go and flood there please ! I'm trying to keep the forum clean and nice and it's not tht easy Wink

Thank you !

(any idiot answering with flood to this topic will be banned for 2 days XD )
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